Union County Probate Court

Due to Union County's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are closed to the general public.

All non-emergency appointments and hearings are cancelled.

The probate court will be limiting its functions to the following:

  • Involuntary Mental Health/Chemical Dependency Commitments
  • Emergency Hearings
  • Filings [via dropbox at court house doors]
  • Marriage License by Appointment
  • Legal Research for Abstractors and Lawyers Only [Limit 1 researcher at a time]

Welcome to Union County, South Carolina's Probate Court Website

We sincerely hope that this site will be a helpful source of information for you

Office Hours: Currently Closed to Public

Phone: (864) 429-1625

Fax: (864) 427-1198

Location: Union County Court House, 210 West Main Street, Union, SC 29379

The Probate Court assists the citizens of Union County in probating estates, resolving disputes in estates and trusts, handling involuntary commitments for alcohol/drug abuse and/or mental illness, obtaining marriage licenses, appointing guardians and conservators, and approving minor and wrongful death settlements. It is located in the Union County Courthouse at the corner of West Main and North Herndon Streets.

The Probate Judge is elected countywide and serves a four-year term.

William D. All, III, Probate Court Judge

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