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The Union County Probate Court does:

  • Administer estates of decedents,
  • Issue marriage licenses and marriage certificates,
  • Appoint guardians and conservators for minors and incapacitated persons,
  • Order involuntary commitments of mentally ill or chemically dependent persons, and
  • Hear and decide trust litigation.

The Union County Probate Court does NOT:

  • Read the will. The notion of a bunch of people gathered around a lawyer or judge while the Last Will and Testament is read aloud is Television Fiction.
  • Hear criminal cases. Nor are we associated with the Probation Department or the criminal justice system in any way.
  • Issue divorce papers. This court only handles marriages and not divorce. If you need to get copies of your divorce papers please contact Union County Clerk of Court or Family Court.
  • Write Wills or Powers-of-Attorney. Please contact your attorney to have your Will or Power-of-Attorney prepared or, if you need the name of an attorney who can prepare your Will or Power-of-Attorney, contact the South Carolina Lawyer’s Referral Service at 1-800-868-2284

All Informal Proceedings and Collections by Small Estate Affidavit Require an Appointment!

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